The Impact of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol does more than impair judgment –it impairs lives. The societal cost of alcohol misuse and abuse impacts workplace productivity, health care cost, public safety and the criminal justice system.  The alcohol use in United Sates causes 4.6% of loss productivity to alcohol impairment.  Alcohol is involved in 1/3 of motor vehicle crash deaths in the US. More than 1.4 million alcohol-impaired drivers were arrested in 2009. The cost of excessive alcohol consumption in the United States reached $223.5 Billion in 2006. The cost generally caused from losses in workplace productivity (72% of the total cost), health care expenses for issues resulted from excessive drinking (11% of total), law enforcement expenses related to excessive alcohol consumption (9% of total), and motor vehicle crash costs of impaired driving (6% of the total).

The Impact of Alcohol Abuse

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