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College students abuse illegally obtained prescription drugs to improve their academic standing. A study by West Virginia University finds that prescription stimulants, pain relievers, and sedatives are being abused among college students to achieve different effects.   Stimulants, commonly known as amphetamines, are often prescribed to patients with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Pain relievers are narcotic analgesics that are prescribed to patients to aid in managing moderate to severe pain levels. Finally, […]

The opioid epidemic in West Virginia has many ugly sides to it, from the overabundance of health-care providers running pill mills to the state’s foster care system bursting at the seams. The full gravity of the West Virginia Opioid Crisis is now becoming visible to the rest of the nation.   For people addicted to opioids, not much is easy in West Virginia — and life is getting […]

The opioid epidemic seems to have a tighter grip on rural America. Many factors go into why the epidemic continues to remain constant in these areas. One sad indication of how bad the epidemic is becoming is the growing number of babies born with opioid dependence, according to Bloomberg.  Research is being done to understand why this crisis has hit rural […]

Many policies and guidelines are in place to contend with Covid-19’s rapid invasion. However, it seems these measures are the largest contributing factor behind the spike in drug overdoses.    As the COVID-19 pandemic spans our nation, an epidemic is sweeping the U.S. in its wake. Drug overdose deaths have been drastically on the rise.  COVID-19 and Increases […]


“There is a rainbow at the end of every rain storm” is a famous line that suggests that for every hardship there is eventually relief, that following sadness there will be happiness again. And just like with addiction, in every failure there is a chance for new success. If you have an addiction problem and […]