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Treatment for addiction is available almost everywhere so it can be troublesome choosing the right one for you, especially if you have hundreds or thousands on your list. The following questions can help you narrow down your choices to ensure you arrive at the best treatment center possible. What is the Treatment Center’s reputation? A […]

Prevent Substance Abuse in Your Children

Research shows that the major reason that some kids don’t use drugs, tobacco or alcohol is because of their parents – because of their positive influence. That’s why it is so essential that parents build healthy and strong relationships with their kids and talk to them about drug addiction-the earlier the better.

The Impact of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol does more than impair judgment –it impairs lives. The societal cost of alcohol misuse and abuse impacts workplace productivity, health care cost, public safety and the criminal justice system.  The alcohol use in United Sates causes 4.6% of loss productivity to alcohol impairment.  Alcohol is involved in 1/3 of motor vehicle crash deaths in […]


“There is a rainbow at the end of every rain storm” is a famous line that suggests that for every hardship there is eventually relief, that following sadness there will be happiness again. And just like with addiction, in every failure there is a chance for new success. If you have an addiction problem and […]