Addiction Treatment in Memphis, TN

Many people know Memphis, TN as the “Home of the Blues.” Many also refer to this vibrant city as the “Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll.” In fact, the king of rock himself made Memphis his home. Elvis Presley moved to Memphis, TN in 1948. Elvis’s home in Memphis is the second-most visited private home in the U.S. The only home visited more often is the White House in Washington, D.C. Not only did the blues and rock begin in Memphis, but also gospel, rhythm, and blues, jazz, R&B, soul, and rap. Further, many songwriters pay homage to Memphis. More than 400 songs mention Memphis in the lyrics. This booming city of 651,073 people offers music, history, and culture to the world.

Addiction Issues in Memphis, TN

Although Memphis is a great city, there are some underlying problems. Addiction is one of those problems. According to a survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 377,000 Tennesseans suffer from addiction. In addition, 258,000 people suffer from alcohol use disorder. Clearly, there is a serious alcohol and drug problem in Tennessee. However, we want to help you learn more about addiction treatment in Memphis, TN.

Memphis, TN offers excellent treatment to its residents. For example, 8,882 Tennesseans received government treatment for opioid abuse in 2018. Further, 6,829 people from Tennessee received government treatment in 2018 for alcohol abuse. Finally, Tennessee’s treatment and recovery programs served 6,747 people suffering from marijuana addiction in 2018. Despite the care Tennessee offers, many citizens do not receive the treatment they need. In 2018, 344,000 Tennesseans needed treatment for substance abuse, but they didn’t receive treatment. We want to connect you to the resources you need. We want to help those from Tennessee gather enough information to find the treatment they need. If you are from the Memphis, TN area and you are interested in finding treatment, contact us today. Give us a call at 901-403-7925.

Benefits of Staying Close to Home

Those suffering from addiction may wonder what treatment path is right. Is it better to stay at home? Or is it better to travel for treatment? Both options have benefits. However, here are some of the reasons for staying close to home could help you. If you are a woman, especially with children, you may find that staying in Memphis for treatment is worth it.

Resources for Pregnant Women

First, the Tennessee state government offers resources for women. Specifically, they offer resources for pregnant women who suffer from addiction. For example, the government has services such as outpatient treatment, social detox, medical detox, and HIV testing. The government also helps pregnant women with housing. Further, the Tennessee government offers resources for family members. These services help children of parents suffering from addiction. They also help adolescents who are in foster care. Further, they help children whose parents are in prison or jail. To find out if you are eligible to receive help, take a look at these guidelines.

Resources for Women

Along with assisting pregnant women, the Tennessee government helps other women suffering addiction as well. They offer services on an as-needed basis. Further, they tailor services to each woman’s needs. For example, the government can provide intensive outpatient care for women. They also provide case management, childcare, and transportation. Additionally, the government offers trauma-specific interventions and recovery support. Finally, the government offers educational services. These include parenting classes and other courses. Refer to these guidelines to find out if you qualify.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

To find the best treatment for yourself or for a loved one,

Why Traveling for Treatment can be Beneficial

Although it may seem inviting to stay in your home state for treatment, traveling for treatment is beneficial.

Separation from Environment

For one, traveling for treatment separates you from your normal environment. In the places you are most comfortable in, you are most likely to hold on to old habits. Therefore, overcoming an addiction is even harder. However, traveling for treatment takes you out of the familiar environment and gives you something new to strive for.

Being Away From from Loved Ones

Being separated from the people you love can be difficult. However, taking the time to heal away from what is familiar can be quite beneficial. Traveling and taking yourself away from your environment can give you a new perspective on your addiction and recovery process. Your loved ones usually always mean-well. But because they don’t understand what you are going through, they can accidentally hurt you or enable previous behaviors around your addiction. If you have family members who are co-dependent and enable your behavior then that could cause your treatment to be ended earlier or unravel. Leaving treatment early defeats the purpose of healing because you could more easily relapse if you did not finish the program. This is especially crucial depending on what part of the recovery process you are in. If you are in the detox process it is unsafe to leave because you need the guidance of trained medical professionals. You will also have an easier detoxing experience with them because they can provide withdrawal medications to help you. Therefore, if your family wants you to come home before your treatment is over,  you risk the chance of fully recovering along with possible painful withdrawal symptoms. Thus, separating from family can actually be the best choice for you to focus on your recovery.

What You Need Could Be Out of State

Depending on what you are seeking for your addiction treatment, you may discover that what you want isn’t in your hometown. There are only 15 addiction treatment centers in Chattanooga Tennessee. It is okay if you want more options, in fact, we encourage it. Don’t settle for less if a treatment program in your hometown doesn’t meet all of your requirements. Your preference and comfortability matters. There is no harm done if you have to travel out of state to find a rehab center. Find the treatment that you believe will benefit you, teach you, and heal you.

You Get to Meet New People

Traveling to a new place for treatment gives you the opportunity to meet people. The world is full of billions of people. You could have the opportunity to meet someone who has had a completely different life from you but shares your struggles of addiction. If you are from Tennesse maybe you decide to go across the country to California or Washington. Going to a rehab center in another state means you could be surrounding yourself with people who have a different outlook on life. These new perspectives could be beneficial to your well-being and recovery. Experiencing diversity, new culture, and different personalities could be a refreshing experience that propels your recovery. 

Peaceful Environment

Another reason to travel for treatment is that it allows you to be in an environment that feels calming to you. For example, if you normally live in the heart of Memphis, you may feel calmer by stepping away. Perhaps you love the ocean: a rehab in San Diego would be a great choice. Or, you might love the red rocks in the desert. Sedona, Arizona might have just what you need. Your treatment can be more successful if you feel peaceful and calm in the environment you choose.

Higher Completion Rate

Finally, traveling for treatment leads to a higher completion rate. If you are concerned about making it all the way through your program, you will want to consider traveling for rehab. Since friends and family are not nearby, it is much more difficult to leave rehab early. Although isolation from loved ones can be painful, it can also help your recovery last.

Treatment Offered in Memphis, TN

There are approximately thirty-five addiction treatment centers in Memphis, TN. Each of these treatment centers has unique strengths and weaknesses. However, several treatment centers in Memphis offer similar services. Further, they emphasize many of the same values. Finally, all high-quality treatment centers provide the tools necessary to succeed in overcoming addiction. Some elements found in many Memphis treatment centers include faith-based programs, similar core values, social detox, residential treatment, and an emphasis on aftercare.

Faith-Based Programs

First, many addiction treatment centers in Memphis offer faith-based programs. Ultimately, faith-based programs help patients overcome addiction through spirituality as well as research-based practices. For example, faith-based programs may include prayer, meditation, and study of holy texts. Additionally, programs may emphasize community support. This means that patients often have the opportunity to meet with those who share their religious beliefs.

One reason faith-based programs are so popular in Memphis is that Memphis one of the most religious cities in the US. Business Insider ranked Memphis the fifth most religious city in the country. There is one religious venue (a church, mosque, synagogue, etc.) for every 804 people. All in all, there are 815 religious venues in Memphis. Therefore, addiction centers reflect the spirituality found in the community already.

Core Values

Another common thread between addiction treatment centers in Memphis is the core values. These are some common values that the centers strive for: dignity, integrity, hope, excellence, and innovation. When programs pledge to uphold patients’ dignity, they promise to help their patients retain parts of themselves. This includes giving patients time to themselves and time to do things they enjoy. Programs that offer integrity ensure that patients receive the same level of treatment that they are promised. Excellence in treatment centers means that patients receive high-quality care. Finally, innovation means that the program is seeking new ways to help their patients.

Social Detox

Further, many treatment centers in Memphis favor social detox over medical detox. While medical detox uses medication to help patients manage withdrawal symptoms, social detox is different. Social detox relies solely on staff to supervise patients and help them through their withdrawal symptoms. Although some treatment centers in Memphis offer medical detox, most offer social detox.

Residential Treatment

Another common element of care in Memphis is residential treatment. Residential treatment allows patients to live in safe, comfortable housing while they undergo treatment. This means that patients live together and receive treatment together. However, the patients do not live where they receive treatment.

Emphasis on Aftercare

Finally, Memphis treatment facilities emphasize aftercare. Aftercare includes all services after patients complete treatment. For example, some Memphis programs offer housing after patients leave treatment. Other centers offer counseling services. Finally, several centers offer an aftercare plan. A plan can include connecting a patient to a sponsor, a support group, and to education or career training. These aftercare services can be the difference between staying sober and falling into relapse. When former patients have solid support groups and quality resources, they can succeed.

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While each treatment center offers something unique, these features exemplify the elements found in many centers. For more information about the benefits of traveling for rehab, call us today. We are here to help those from the Memphis, TN area. Contact us at 901-403-7925.