Addiction Treatment in Jackson, TN

Jackson, Tennessee is a historical town and home to 67,191 people. Nestled between Memphis and Nashville, Tennesseans know Jackson as The Hub. In the mid-1850s, Jackson became an important hub of railroad systems. Those systems effectively connected trade between Northern and Southern states. After the Civil War, many people relocated to Jackson to participate in building railroads. Additionally, early residents named the city after President Andrew Jackson.

Along with Jackson’s influence on railway systems, Jackson has also had an impact on music. For example, Jackson is the birthplace of rockabilly music. Rockabilly combines elements of rock and country music. The result is a unique sound that leaves both rock fans and country fans jamming out. Further, Jackson, TN is home to the Rock-a-Billy Museum, which recognizes Tennessee musicians’ contributions to the genre. All in all, Jackson, TN is an excellent place to learn more about the history and to get excited about music.

Drug Crisis in Jackson, TN

While Jackson is home to history, railroads, and rockabilly, it is also home to a serious drug crisis. For example, Tennessee has one of the highest prescription opioid abuse rates in the nation. Further, in 2018, Tennessee providers wrote 81.8 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people. However, Tennesseans do not only abuse opioids. Other commonly abused drugs include cocaine, marijuana, and meth. Clearly, drug abuse is a serious issue in Jackson, TN. However, addiction treatment can help. We want you to learn about treatment options available in Tennessee and out of Tennessee. For more information about addiction treatment in Jackson or other options available outside of your area, please call 901-403-7925.

Treatment Options for Jackson, TN

There are ten centers that focus on addiction treatment in Jackson, TN. While each of the treatment centers offers something unique, some of them offer similar treatment plans and treatment styles. Here are some of the services you can expect from an addiction treatment center in Jackson, TN.

First, one facility offers inpatient detox services. This means that patients stay at a hospital or hospital-like center while they detox. Usually, inpatient detox services come in two types: medical and social. Medical detox means that doctors and nurses help someone through the detox process. In Jackson, recovery centers offer Buprenorphine and Naltrexone treatments. Medications like these ease withdrawal symptoms. However, social detox relies solely on nurse and doctor supervision to help patients through detox. Although there is only one option for inpatient detox treatment in Jackson, there are several others in Memphis, TN.

Further, for addiction treatment, people usually choose between inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment. Unfortunately, Jackson does not offer any inpatient treatment services. Also, Jackson does not have any outpatient detox services available locally. However, people can find outpatient detox treatment in Memphis, TN. Although Jackson’s services are somewhat limited, Jackson does have several facilities that offer intensive and standard treatment programs locally. Further, two facilities offer long-term and short-term residential services locally. Memphis offers additional services. As far as treatments specifically for opioid abusers, Jackson has one SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment program. Memphis offers additional opioid services. Finally, Jackson, TN does not have treatment centers that offer services specifically for sexual assault survivors and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Therefore, although Jackson only offers ten treatment centers, the centers offer excellent services.

Payment Options

Also, there are many payment options for those who are economically underprivileged. For example, many treatment centers accept both Medicare and Medicaid. Further, several treatment centers also offer payment assistance. Additionally, some centers offer services on a sliding fee scale. This means that patients pay based on their income. As shown, despite its small amount of treatment centers, those in Jackson, TN have a lot of treatment and payment options.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

When you begin searching for a treatment center, you’ll face a lot of options. However, focusing your search on the following five elements can help you find the treatment right for you. Here are five things to look for in a treatment center:

  • Accreditation
  • Evidence-Based Approaches
  • Length/Location
  • Aftercare Services
  • Payment Options


First, look for an accredited rehab. Reliable accreditations include the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF), and the Joint Commission. Accreditation is important because it shows that a treatment meets a high standard and provides quality treatment.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Second, look for a treatment center that focuses on evidence-based treatments and therapies. Although it can seem difficult to determine whether a treatment center takes an evidence-based approach, you can find out simply by researching treatment centers. Effective treatment centers base their treatments on scientific research.

Length/Location of Treatment

Third, look for the length of treatment and location that suits your needs. For some people, traveling for treatment is the right choice. For others, staying in their hometown is right for them. We will cover the benefits of both in coming sections. Further, long-term treatment is right for those who have moderate to severe addictions. Contratily, short-term treatment works best for those who have mild to moderate addictions.

Aftercare Treatment

Fourth, effective treatment centers offer aftercare services. Aftercare includes services such as counseling, sponsors, or support groups. These resources help people continue their recovery once they have left the treatment center. These resources are incredibly important since they can often prevent or lower the chance of relapse.

Payment Options

Fifth, find a treatment center that accepts payment from your type of insurance. In general, people typically pay for rehab programs with insurance, out-of-pocket expenses, or both. Some facilities offer treatment with a sliding scale fee based on income. Many treatment centers also accept Medicaid and Medicare as well.

Using these five tools as guideposts will help you choose the best treatment plan for yourself or for a loved one who needs it.

Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

While Jackson does have some good options for treatment, there are many benefits to traveling for treatment. Traveling for treatment simply means leaving one’s home city or state to receive addiction treatment somewhere else. Here are some examples of how traveling for treatment can benefit you.

Specialized Services

First, Jackson treatment centers offer no specialized services. For example, the centers do not offer treatment specifically for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Also, there are no services for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. Specialized services are important because they provide a sense of community to those suffering from addiction. When people receive treatment with others who have had similar life experiences, they receive the support they need. Patients can find community among others who have had similar challenges and obstacles. Further, specialized treatment centers, counseling, and treatment are geared toward treating specific issues. For example, treatment for LGBTQIA+ people might focus on factors that make youth and adults at risk for addiction. Further, treatment for abuse survivors might focus on how trauma can often lead to self-medication. Therefore, finding a specialized treatment center that serves you specifically can make traveling worthwhile.

More Variety in Memphis Treatment Centers

Second, there is more variety in treatment at Memphis treatment centers. Travel doesn’t have to mean leaving your home and going thousands of miles away. On the contrary, many people simply travel to another city that has more treatment options. For example, if someone needs outpatient detox services, they will need to travel to Memphis. Further, if someone needs inpatient treatment services, they will also need to travel to Memphis. Ultimately, traveling 85 miles for treatment may be the right choice for those who need options that aren’t offered in Jackson. This option is especially viable for people who don’t want to travel far for treatment, but who need to travel for treatment that is unavailable in Jackson.

Experience a New City or State

Third, deciding to travel for treatment can provide patients with a healthy new environment. Travel somewhere that makes you feel calm like the ocean, or at peace in the mountains, or maybe you love the desert. These emotions are very valuable to your mental health and could greatly impact your recovery. Therefore, depending on what makes you feel comfortable you could seek rehabilitation in Southern California, or Utah, or Sedona Arizona. Go somewhere that is new, or familiar, or random. Experience what you need to in order to heal.

More Privacy

Fourth, traveling for treatment protects patients’ privacy. When those suffering from addiction seek treatment in their hometowns, their privacy is at risk. Patients are much more likely to run into people they know in rehab when they seek treatment in their hometown. Consequently, patients can feel embarrassed, ashamed, or stuck in their ways. Seeing a familiar face in rehab has this effect for two reasons. One, patients feel reminded of their past life and feel they can’t change. Or two, patients feel like they want to stay the same person when they see someone from their substance-abusing environment. Both of these reasons prevent change and could be detrimental to healing.

More Information on Jackson Treatment

Clearly, there are benefits and drawbacks to traveling and staying close to home for treatment. Here are a few other points to consider. First, if you are a young adult, you may want to consider staying in Jackson for treatment. In Jackson, several treatment centers cater their services to young adults who suffer from addiction.

Further, seeking addiction treatment in Jackson, TN has other benefits as well. For example, when someone is recovering, having a support network is vital. If people travel for treatment, they often miss out on that important piece of recovery. During treatment, estranged family members can come together as the patient works through his or her addiction. Also, those who don’t travel for treatment often choose longer outpatient programs. When someone chooses a longer outpatient treatment program, they are more likely to finish it.

Finally, patients are more likely to participate in aftercare if treatment is local. When patients travel for treatment, they often miss out on connections to aftercare treatment. This means that when they return home, they have only unstable ground to base their foundation of recovery on. Aftercare includes support groups, counseling, and sponsors that help former patients prevent relapse.

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All of these resources may make staying close to home for treatment worthwhile.We want to help you learn more about your recovery options, in and out of Jackson, TN. If you want to learn more about addiction treatment, please call 901-403-7925.